Felicity Smoak has been Smoaking everyone since she appeared on our screens. What an amazing bundle of hotness and cuteness this girl is. Everyone who has been in touch with her has been Smoaked, whether it is with her intelligence and competence (Det. Lance and Walter Steele) her compassion, understanding and friendship (John Diggle, Roy Harper, Sara Lance), her cuteness and bravery (Nyssa a- Ghul) or her beauty, grace and everything else that is mentioned before (Oliver Queen and Barry Allen to an extent). She has been slaying everyone she has met.

I bet both Slade Wilson and Malcolm would’ve become her fans if they had gotten a chance to get to know her. Perhaps that is why she never interacted with them. The very brief encounter that Slade had with Felicity had him singing her praises on that threatening phone call to Oliver about the ‘quite lovely Felicity’.

I suggest that we use the #Smaoked for everyone - man, woman, technology or alien - that came into contact with lovely Ms. Smoak and got Smoaked. 

Consider me #Smoaked